Energy and Environment

What we do ?

Pulsar Space develops and exploits technology based on the observation and analysis of Planet Earth. Working and channeling all the information obtained from satellites of last generation, transforming it into products and services, with special focus on energy and environment.

How we do it


We work with last generation satellites.

Analysis and Processing

We transformed the data obtained.


We model the data through analysis and computer processing.

Services and Applications

We provide information to the end user creating services and applications.


pulsarX provides you with tools to configure your photovoltaic system in an isolated home

biologicalX interprets satellite data to improve the environment

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pulsarX reaches 7000 users

 02/25/2019 10:35
The platform for design and dimensioning of photovoltaic projects, exceeds 7,000 users worldwide.

Spanish Aerospace Technology Platform

 01/14/2019 18:05
Pulsar Space has been admitted as a member in the PAE.

New Space Spain 2018 Vigo

 12/04/2018 12:13
We were at the first New Space congress held in Spain.

Copernicus for green and smart cities

 10/11/2018 09:17
Session of Training and Information of Copernicus, October 4, Seville.