Forty years since the first satellite METEOSAT was launched

On November 23, 1977, there was put in Orbit what would be the first ESA’s Earth Observation satellite.
 12/01/2017 12:27

On left side, we can see the first imagen from Meteosat-1 in black and white and, on the other side, we can see the same in color, November 17 of this year. Source: Aemet.

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We are already more than 3000 users at pulsarX

There are more than 3000 users who have started to create and design PV projects at pulsarX
 11/21/2017 11:09

In less than a month, we have achieved more than 3000 register users in the platform and we have created 3334 PV projects. Also, we are still fighting against climate change and, until te moment, for each of your projects it have been sent 3000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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Galicia fires

Fires in Galicia on October of 2017
 10/18/2017 10:19

Hundreds of fires devastate the northern and center of Portugal and northwest of Spain. Fires are easily spread thanks to the climatic conditions, with high temperatures and winds from south, and the generalized drought in the area.

According to several sources, thousands of people work in the extinction of fires and many neighbors have had to be traslated because the proximity of the fires to towns and houses.

These days, the team of Pulsar Space for Analysis and Processing of Satellite Data, has focused on the fires of Galicia, where we can observe the magnitude and virulence of the same. The processed images show a lot of smoke and fire due to the multiple active fires.

The following image, processed by PulsarSpace, shows an active fire near the municipality of Oseira in Ourense, Galicia (Spain)

The Satellites that have been worked belong to the Copernicus Program.

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Voyagers spacecraft, 40 years of space operations and explorations

Since 40 years, Voyagers spacecraft has sent data to the NASA
 08/02/2017 12:48

Voyager spacecraft has 40 turned years of operations and explorations with very important discovers.

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Exhibition of Sentinel 5-P at Airbus facilities, in Stevenage UK.

On July 20th, media was invited to exhibition of Sentinel 5-P Satellite at Airbus facilities, in Stevenage UK.
 07/25/2017 11:39

On July 20th, media was invited to exhibition of Sentinel 5-P Satellite at Airbus facilities, in Stevenage UK.

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Fire Doñana June 24, 2017

Fire Doñana June 24, 2017 before and after
 07/04/2017 09:47

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Perito Moreno Glacier

A vision on the evolution of the Perito Moreno glacier of Argentina
 03/09/2017 15:42

Two satellite images obtained in the years 2015 and 2016 make a composition of the evolution of the glacier in a year.

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Crops in Saudi Arabia

Aerial view of circular crops in Saudi Arabia
 03/09/2017 15:54

Aerial view of circular crops in Saudi Arabia

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Volcán de Fuego in eruption

Impressive color composition of the Volcán de Fuego eruption in Guatemala
 03/09/2017 15:52

Satellite images are capable of surpassing the clouds and the smoke columns ejected by the volcano for get the more shocking images.

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Chernobyl after 30 years

A vision of Chernobyl, and the abandoned city of Pripyat, 30 years after the fatal nuclear accident.
 03/09/2017 15:49

The city of Pripyat has been taken by vegetation after 30 years of abandonment because the eviction following the nuclear accident at the Chernobyl power station.

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