Liftoff Aeolus artificial satellite specialized in winds

The aeolus satellite will study the winds of planet Earth from space 08/23/2018 12:01

It is a specialized satellite, in the study of the winds within the planet Earth, equipped with the latest generation sensors, a complete profile of the winds of planet Earth will be generated once a week.

Once all the information that is going to be generated is worked on, we will be able to generate more accurate weather models, we are looking at a satellite designed and designed for the study of winds.

It is orbiting at a height of 320kms from Earth, synchronized with the sun's cycles.

It provides a global measurement of winds at all levels of the atmosphere, up to 30 km.

Some of the improvements that provide are:

    Main improvements in the understanding and modeling of tropical dynamics
    Improved accuracy of tropical forecasts
    Improved forecast of intense wind events
    Better definition of planetary scale waves

Duration of the mission: financed until the end of 2021; with a minimum of 36 months of nominal operations phase.

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